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Registration is now open for the Jersey Road Racing Classic (4/18-19/2020)

This is the second event of the MARRS series (MARRS 2), and will include a Bracket Sprint Road Racing group! Register now on MSR!


The Washington D.C. Region announces a school for Road Racing license to be held March 20-22, 2020 at the Summit Point MotorSports Park in Summit Point West Virginia. The entry fee is only $199 and there are additional discounts available (see details below). The school will start with an orientation and flag test on Friday evening 3/20 which is mandatory for all students. All students will be rotating through on-track sessions, in-classroom de-briefings and receiving individual instruction. There are practice starts and races on Sunday afternoon. The event closes with a graduation ceremony Sunday evening. The school is open to those students who fulfill the GCR requirements and want to acquire their SCCA competition license.

Amazing offer:

Any novice permit holder who completes the WDCR’s 2020 school will receive a $100 discounted entry fee for these specific three MARRS racing events at Summit Point:

MARRS 1, April 04-05, 2020
MARRS 5, June 20-21, 2020
MARRS 6, July 25-26, 2020

This is a substantial discount from the regular entry fee which should help enable more drivers to get into the sport. In addition, students who pay in full for and attend both the WDCR Track Days (HPDE) Event on March 07-08, 2020 and the 2020 DC Region Racing School for Competition License will receive a $100 rebate in the form of MSR credit. Contact the club office for more details – or – just sign up. We will take care of the rebates and credits automatically for you.

The racing school is also open to licensed drivers looking for further instruction. All licensed drivers must be approved by the chief instructor before registering. Priority will be given to new non-licensed participants. Contact Chief Instructor Tom Broring at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. All participants will have personal instruction and be required to attend all debrief sessions.

There is a dedicated page for the DC Region’s Racing School on our website under the “Learn to Drive” section with additional information, forms to download, and a student packet including required written test and more. Please visit WDC Racing School for more information and to register.

Register for the Racing School thru MotorsportReg.com (MSR) here: Register for DC Racing School

Supps for the Racing School


2020 Road Racing Schedule

Click Here to read big news about the 2020 road racing schedule, championship series, and - yes, what many of you have been waiting for - the return of The Devil In The Dark 12-Hour endurance race.

The SJR Competition Chairman and Board of Directors have worked closely with the Washington DC Region, and across other SCCA Regions, on a five year agreement to co-host an exciting new Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series, as well as to bring back The Devil in The Dark 12-Hour.

You'll want to click on the link above to read the details and get up to date - there is great racing in store for the 2020 season and you will want to be part of it.

2020 Mid Atlantic Road Racing Series Schedule   2020 Rules
Round 1 April 4-5 Summit Point
Round 2 April 18-19 NJMP Lightning
Round 3 May 9-10 Virginia Internationl Raceway
Round 4 June 6-7  NJMP - Lightning
Round 5 June 20-21 Summit Point
Round 6 July 25-26 Summit Point
Round 7 August 22-23 NJMP Thunderbolt
Round 8 Sept 5-7 Summit Point (Labor Day Double)
Round 9 October 3-4 Summit Point
2020 Devil in the Dark 12-hour October 23-24 NJMP Thunderbolt

Annual Tech Day

Join our award-winning and nationally recognized Men in Black crew of Scrutineers on March 14, 2020 to get your SCCA Road Racing annual technical inspection.

Tech will be open from 9am - 2pm. Location is Triple-T Cutting Toolslocated at 135 Edgewood Ave, West Berlin, NJ 08091.


SJR is happy to announce Sprint Bracket Road Racing is here!

SJR will be holding Sprint bracket races during our NJRRS Events. All three road racing 'regionals' will include Sprint Bracket Racing! In conjucntion with WDC region and MARRS, the JRRC (4/18-19/2020) is the first event on our calendar. SJR, in our partnership with WDC) will use the WDC Sprint Brackt Road Racing rules page. Download PDF of the rules!



What is the South Jersey Region?

The South Jersey Region of the Sports Car Club of America is a membership organization that facilitates and supports motorsports events in the South Jersey area. Events include Club Racing, Rally, and Solo. Please visit our partners (shown above this section).


What is the SCCA?

Since 1944, SCCA has championed one mission: To bring motorsports to the masses of American men and women who are passionate about automobiles, speed, and competition. From National Championships to regional events, whether professional or amateur, we exist to organize, support and develop auto racing at every level, and provide an outlet for you to get out of the armchair and into the action. So, whether your passion is autocrossing, rallying, or road racing as a professional, or as a weekend warrior, SCCA wants to help you fuel your passion.

The SCCA has sectioned the country into 9 areas called divisions (for example South Jersey is in the North East division of the SCCA). South Jersey Region is one of 20 regions in the north east dedicated to the support of auto racing. 


What is Road Racing?

This is the heart‐pounding, adrenalin‐pumping, wheel to wheel action on the tracks at New Jersey Motorsports Park (actual contact is highly discouraged, however). Successful completion of an SCCA driver school and competition license (or novice permit) is required. South Jersey region runs five to seven events at NJMP each year, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Road racing is also about volunteering. SJR volunteers have a lot of fun helping to organize the races, and helping to do all the little (and big) things that need to happen every race weekend. Below is a video we made a few years ago about the different specialties that are behind the scenes at an SJR race weekend.

South Jersey region members also whole‐heartedly support the professional events that are held at NJMP. These sometimes include the ARCA series, Rolex Grand‐Am, SCCA World Challenge, Mazda MX‐5 Cup, and other professional series. Come on out, and get close to the action!

SJR’s road racing information is located at the Club Racing link in the menu above.


What is PDX?

PDX is taking your daily driver out on the track, and learning how to go fast, even in corners! For the complete novices, there is an instructor to ride with you, and guide you. Or even drive your car, so you can see what it can do.

Once you have gained enough experience and skill, the instructor will 'sign you off', so you can drive by yourself. Again, after showing skills and awareness, and gaining experience, you will be 'signed off' to the Intermediate, and then the advanced group.

SJR will have 3 more PDX events (at least) on our Test Day Fridays before three of our Club Racing events. Come join us and see what it's like! 


What is Rally?

Road Rally is also known as a time, speed, and distance rally. This is not about how fast you go, it is about how accurately you can cover that distance in a given amount of time.  Clues are given for each leg of the race. If you arrive too early or too late at the end of each leg, you get penalty points. This contest is held on public roads at or below the posted speed limit and the competitor with the fewest points wins. South Jersey Region has a healthy and growing rally community. We hold 5-9 rallies per season, come out and see how fun it can be! Our Road Rally information can be found by clicking on the Rally Menu at the top.


What is Autocross?

Test your driving skill as you drive your car through a course of cones in a parking lot. All you need is a driver license and a helmet that is 1995 or newer. No special equipment is needed, but your car will undergo a safety inspection before the start of the event. Loaner helmets are available, and members save $15 on entry fees. Speeds rarely exceed 60mph, but every tenth of a second counts. South Jersey currently holds its Autocross (formerly called solo) events at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ. We are actively looking for other venues to add to the excitement! More information and our Autocross schedule can be found on the Autocross link of the menu at the top of this page.


What are Track Events?

Track Events (formerly called PDX events or performance driving experience) are sometimes called track days. At these events, you can drive your street car around a real race track. There is limited passing, and if you are inexperienced, you will have an instructor assigned to you. 


What are Time Trials?

Time Trials are a mini version of a road race on a closed course (such as NJMP’s Lightning course). You get three laps each session to better your drive time. This is an excellent opportunity to fine tune your driving skills before the more competitive, wheel to wheel action of road racing.

What is a Hill Climb?

This competition is a time trial, up a hill, on a closed public road course, in cars with roll cages. Fastest one to the top wins. The Pennsylvania Hill Climb Association can be found on the web at http://www.pahillclimb.org.

SJR thanks Windshadow Studios for the miata picture, Jim Wakemen, Sr. (though I'm not sure who took it) for the road rally picture, and GE3KSPD for the solo picture.


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